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Garden City Multicultural Family Night

Garden City Multicultural Family Night

Garden City Elementary School brings their school community together to celebrate cultural diversity at their Multicultural Family Night. With a packed parking lot and more than 320 attendees, families were able to engage in an evening of fun and learning. For many, this was an opportunity to celebrate their culture while learning about others through food, activities and stories. 

“It's about learning about countries and yourself,” said Gabriella Alvarado, a second grade student.

Daniela Grado and Alvarado enjoyed spending their time in different rooms where they learned about drumming, made stamps and played soccer. After trying different foods like purple rice, there were still additional activities for them to try including Mexican folk art mirrors, which is where they were headed next. 

In another room, teacher Jennifer Frahm helped with a free book giveaway. Upon entering, students received a bag where they could fill it with as many books as they could fit. The room leaders encouraged students to take their selections home for future reading. 

Frahm described Multicultural Family Night as one of the most fun nights of the school year, and she looks forward to the opportunity to bring families together. 

“It is just a time for families to come together and get to know the different cultures in their community and what makes up Garden City. It helps create a sense of community for the school,” Frahm said.